About WPSuperAssistant

“WPSuperAssistant gives you on-demand access to personal WordPress Assistant with no monthly fees or long hiring process that is present when outsourcing one.”

Hi, my name is Jan Demsar, and I am a CEO and Founder of WPSuperAssistant.

First of all I would like to thank you for visiting our website.

How was the idea about WPSuperAssistant born?

While I was helping small businesses to put the word about their products and services out, I noticed one thing that most of the clients had in common. At least those who had a website before working with our agency.

They spent thousands of dollars on a simple website???

Those websites might be pretty (although I disagree in many cases), but they were not even optimised to help their owners achieve their online goal. Well, not even optimised for social engines or social media sharing that could drive some effortless organic traffic back to their website.

And what was the worst thing?

They were spending hundreds of dollars each time they wanted to do a small change on their website because their website was not built on WordPress and a developer was needed even for a small change.

Instead of focusing on marketing, most of the budget was spent on their website.

We stopped developing “Custom” built WordPress Themes

Because my digital marketing agency is focusing on ROI(including the money that is spent on our services), I had to figure out how to increase this KPI.

I am 99% sure you do not need custom built theme

In my opinion, unless you are a big company that has no problem with spending money on expensive custom made themes, you should use free or premium themes and just modify them based on your branding. There are tenths of thousands different templates, so I am sure you can find the one that is suitable for your business.

ROI of our clients increased dramatically

By using premium, (sometimes even free) WordPress themes, we cut the cost of web development at least in half and because of that, the ROI of our new clients increased immediately.

Not only that, our clients were able to choose exactly the theme they wanted, we just charged them for additional modifications, but our clients had the total control regarding the costs of the website.

It is quite evident that if out spend less and your return stays the same, the ROI is bigger that way, but the main contributor for greater ROI was the bigger budget allocated for promotion and marketing.

So how is all of this connected with WPSuperAssistant?

Besides our clients, I also found out that there are many entrepreneurs and small businesses out there, that decided to build websites on their own. The only problem they are facing is that they might get overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.

When that happens, they only have a few options:

  • Signing up with a web agency is an expensive option.
  • Hiring a freelancer can be a tiring and a long process with no guaranteed results.
  • Contacting a “friend of a friend”, who is known to be a developer usually takes quite some time as well and you never really know how much time they actually worked on your site.
  • Sitting in front of the computer and Googling for another few hours just isn’t time efficient.
  • There are WordPress support services who can make custom fixes and modifications to your WordPress site, but that is usually also expensive.

What I wanted to create was an “On Demand” access to a personal WordPress assistant that can help you guide you along the way with no monthly commitments.

Every time you stumble upon a problem, you can simply just visit the website, schedule an assistance and then have that problem fixed live over the screen sharing. Not only that you will have your problem fixed, but you will also know how to do it by yourself the next time.

So if you are having any kinds of WordPress problems, or you are just having questions regarding various topics of online marketing, just schedule an assistance, I guarantee you won’t regret it. If you are not satisfied with our assistance we are offering a full money back guarantee, so you really do not have anything to lose!

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